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Timberland Hosting has revised their reseller plans. If you are interested in starting your own hosting company to make extra money click on resellers in the top menu fo rmore information.

New knowledgebase is now active  ... (click more link at bottom of this section to read full story)

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"Timberland support is hands down the best customer service I've ever encountered."

"Great service, Great support not a single problem.  Also loved the fact that they accept payment via my Paypal account."

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Let us provide you with an affordable, fast, reliable, Virtual Private Server adequate to serve your needs starting as low as $17.95/mo.

Timberland Hosting is proud to announce reseller plans are now available.  If you have many domains yourself or are looking to start your own web hosting business take a look at our reseller plans.
Current specials


For a limited time only all setup fees are waived on select plans.*

Plus get 1 Free month on monthly plans or 3 Free months on Annual plans.

1 Year domain registrations for only $8.95!

*Waived setup fee does not apply to Personal plan.

50 MB Space
5 GB Bandwidth
5 POP Emails
1000 MB Space
25 GB Bandwidth

20 POP Emails
2000 MB Space
50 GB Bandwidth

40 POP Emails
2500 MB Space
75 GB Bandwidth
75 POP Emails
3000 MB Space
100 GB Bandwidth
100 POP Emails

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